Kripalu Yoga Journal – YTT – Now the Inquiry of Yoga; Koshas; Blinfolds: fleshy alive things

Main Hall, Kripalu

Tues 26 October, YTT

Morning Sadhana, use of 60s music and laughter.

Are there other radio stations to tune in to? The strongest signal is not the only one.
Turn up the volume of awareness.
Tune in to others’ energy when assisting and teaching.

Koshas – Sheaths or bodies of the organism. A map of our being.

– Annamaya – Body
– Pranamaya – Energy
– Manomaya – Thought, feeling
– Vijnanamaya – Intellect, wisdom
– Anandamaya – Bliss

The mind can think anything. Vijnanamaya Kosha chooses which is given energy

When all are in alignment: Anandamaya Kosha present

Intuition uses all five Koshas

When we die, Annamaya deteriorates and pranamaya shuts down

Sense of I: Manomaya Kosha*

Send each of the Koshas home during savasana

During meditation, Vijnana and Ananda present



Great day! The nerves of the first evening and yesterday are receding and I’m realising this course can be fun, and profound. The depth of Devarshi’s wisdom and knowledge became clear during his talk about the Koshas. I was reassured he’s not rooted in the ‘easy’ yoga answers of the ‘real’ me, higher self and all the all-too-reassuring stuff. This is about inquiry, questioning, and ultimately, mystery. FANTASTIC! Realised Devarshi is definitely worth listening to.

[I am only using my journal for reference, not the Course Manual which goes into much more detail and is no doubt much more accurate]

*Could it be, therefore, that the exaggerated sense of I, of ego, that seems pervasive throughout our societies and seems to be the cause of many of our problems, is simply an imbalance of these Kosha sheaths?

Settling in; sitting easier, heart is less racy, feelings flowing more.

The experiential sessions are great. Blindfolded, following instructions to move about the room, choosing directions to turn, then finding two hands in the dark. Exploring those hands. They felt like a creature in the darkness – fleshy alive things, exploring, touching while someone else explores and touches my fleshy alive things.

My hands are getting stronger, fingers broader.

Shit, only two days in!

Nathan said Megha said: “Just you wait!” This in particular about meditation in motion, which we ‘did’ this evening, eyes closed. The second group joined us. There are 82 people doing the YTT, in two groups. What an incredible centre and course!

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