Daily Photos 2016-17: 341-365

Here is the final batch of photos taken each day. Spring abounds, with fresh greens, blossoms, the fading of the daffodils and the arrival of bluebells, taking the project full circle. These are mainly taken in Hampshire, with a couple in the Cotswold village of Burford.


Brockwood Conservatory
Battered daffodils
Medstead church
Bank of primrose
Bird Zero TR Mountain Bike
Sheep at Krishnamurti Centre
Magnolia in full bloom
Brockwood Assembly Hall
Clarky Campbells
Cherry blossom
New 2016 pound coin
Grandparents, aged 95
Burford church at dusk
The Hill, Burford
Straight trees
Young bluebells
Sheep Dip Farmhouse
Blue tit
Spring weeping willow
Magnolia and Brockwood Tower
Brockwood Park School West Wing
Apple tree, brick wall
Brockwood Cloisters
Cherry tree in blossom

One thought on “Daily Photos 2016-17: 341-365

  1. Hi Duncan , these springflowers were the same as these were in NL , with admiration and love to you and the grandparents , affectionately L

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