Kripalu Yoga Videos

It’s been two years since I was in Massachusetts to undertake my yoga teacher training. I studied at the Kripalu Centre, who’s approach to yoga is one of awareness, and spontaneity, whether one wishes to teach or practise a gentle approach, moderate or vigorous. Recently Kripalu have put some video yoga classes online for free. It was great to be able to see my teachers, Devarshi, Megha, Coby and Jovina teaching online, and these are very good practices to work with at home.

Here’s Devarshi Steven Hartman’s class:

And a trailer for the course itself, truly one of the best and most profound experiences of my life.

And many other classes and short sessions here

I mean to post some more from the journal and course notes from that month. Here are a couple from early in the course:

Goals of teachers

And one of the more memorable days, the blindfolded meeting of hands


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