Kripalu Yoga Journal – YTT – Day Three

28 October

Wanted to speak, didn’t. It will come.

Sadhana = Personal practice

The Five Vayus:

Apana – Gravity
Prana – Brighten
Samana – Micro
Udana – Movement
Vyana – Total Connection

(Another yogic map) Science is now giving validity to these ancient maps.

Grief is often held in the clavicles.

Ujjayi breathing. Ocean sounding breath. The home breath. It can be contagious!

Afternoon: Tempeh tired. Chatted instead of resting. Very nervous in tiredness.

My new yoga mat arrived – the Prana Revolution!

Pratapana = Warm ups. Building the sacred fire, warming the body, releasing synovial fluid in the joints.

Settling down today. Less mind-blowing and less nervous.

Almost spoke on the mic in the morning session. They are encouraging us all to speak.

Posture clinic this morning and afternoon. And we got to have a go at teaching! To a couple of people. A good, positive experience. I was enthusiastic and into it. I’m really liking this and will do more when I’ve spoken a little. The serious side is fading and I’m more humorous.

Tomorrow is the classic fourth day yoga crunch. No, fourth day is usually fine, but the fifth day I don’t want to feel, and cease practice. Feels VERY different this time. Supportive. Possible. Only three days in.

This evening I danced! It was great. Non-threatening and no one judging. Free! Then we watched a video about Mr Kripalu. Interesting guy. Desai, not so much.

Great to be sharing the dorm with these guys. Talking about the day, laughing, talking seriously about religion. They would all dig Krishnamurti so much.

I may teach, I may not. In the deepest of my nerves I won’t. And yet it doesn’t matter if I do or don’t, it’s the depth of possibility, the freedom that matters.

This is a great, truly great course and it’s what we make of it and it makes of us.


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