Meditation Journal 25 May 2014 – Life is right here

Rushes of energy into the head. Or else just rushes, of what I don’t know. Making me moan or cry out softly. The the head started to shake for a minute or two, sides of the neck tight but unwinding. Crunches in the spine also seeming to alleviate with the rapid movement. Again not voluntary movement, and it would take a huge act of will to stop it. Yet I know in an emergency or something being needed, it would stop immediately. It’s happening because it can and is safe to do so. At certain times that was all there was, the shaking, and an intensity overtaking the whole head and mind, even the internal vision, until there was nothing but cleansing intensity, seemingly burning away that which is false, directive or effortful. Again the strong feeling that there is nothing else to be doing, at least at this very moment, that this is it, that life is right here, and there’s no where else and nothing else to do. A totality which is blessed relief from struggle and want.


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