Meditation Journal 11 May 2014 – The organism knows what’s needed

Seemingly, it doesn’t matter if I follow the breath, scan through the body, follow thought or whatever, it’s the actual stopping and sitting still that counts, that allows the organism to do what it needs to do, the energy to go where it needs to go. I no longer seem to care if I’m lost in thought or to bring thought back to the breath. The awareness is more natural now, less controlled. Control is seen as another scam, a best guess as to what’s needed. The organism knows what’s needed. And in the intensity of the head shaking back and forth for ten minutes it’s clear that thought is staying detached from what’s going down and is still playing a game. It’s not wrong; that’s what’s happening too. But in the intensity the movement of thought is clear and it can drop away naturally, without choice and so attention can be complete. A total attention and non-detachment from what is going on. In those moments the situation changes 360 degrees, about turns, the very dimensions one was operating in no longer exist and what’s happening is no longer the same.


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