Meditation Journal – Day 28

Vipassana Meditation Day 28

am 25 mins

Not to do anything is the easiest and hardest thing. Easiest: how can it be hard when you don’t have to do anything? No effort, striving, doing, thinking, solving. Hardest: I’m doing all those things, or they are happening. Sitting still, it becomes clearer what I’m up to and easier to let it go. I don’t think ‘letting it go’ is how it ceases, it’s more like the doing realises it is doing, and retires in that instant. And so in doing something, cessation results, breaking the chain, whereas doing always has led to more doing, a reaction, and from the reaction doing something about that too, and so the loops and chain continues. The cessation seems to come from nowhere, out of the blue as it were, and with it this delightful sense of freedom and space unrelated to what has gone on before. This may sound high and wondrous but it isn’t really, taking place as it does within the mundane, the ordinary, of a mind and body sat with its content brought to the cushion from the activity just before, and from the night’s dreams, and from many years.

pm 1hr

On point. Awareness of breath at the nostrils was clean. Little drama thought or daydreams, probably because had slept beforehand. Movement through the body: right leg tensed as I reached the forehead at the start; at feet, tensed right up; mouth tensed, lips tensed, jaw tensed, to the back at the joint, and it moved side to side in full range. Lips tight and slow movement of full-on expressions of pouting for a good few minutes. Right bicep pain. A delicious ecstasy teasingly nearby for the whole hour, stronger when nearer to each part.


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