Listen With Prejudice – #46 U2 – Achtung Baby – Album Review

#46 U2 – Achtung Baby

Before: Annoying jangle rock ‘n’ pop and pretentious hoo-ha.

U2 reinventing themselves desperately. Hard to listen to. Persevered, wanting to hit stop pretty much every second. The reinvention leads to a clutter of ideas piling on top of each other until the thing seems about to topple over itself in a silly heap. Each lyric seems like a cliche. Each strum of the guitar aches my gums. I don’t like it. Except for So Cruel, perhaps, at a stretch. Horrible title.

After: Annoying jangle rock with added electronic pants. With poo in.

Counting down the Top 50 over at Best Ever Albums. They’ve taken 6,600 greatest album charts and compiled them into an overall chart.


One thought on “Listen With Prejudice – #46 U2 – Achtung Baby – Album Review

  1. First, congratulations for listening to this from beginning to end. For all the fuss about that album in the 90’s (revolutionnary etc.), it really did not “age well” IMO (what the heck is with that song Numb, for example?) Terrible title I agree, among other terrible things. I don’t like U2 but if I absolutely had to choose, I prefer their older stuff. Buddy, the pretentious hoo-ha was way worse after that.

    Anyway, cheers!

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