Meditation Journal – Day 17

Vipassana Meditation Day 17

am 1hr

After the stillness of yesterday, a wild sitting this morning. First half, thinking of work issues and dreaming of this and that, sleep nearby. Second half the body took over. Right arm shaking like crazy. At one point it was up at shoulder level, my hand flapping up by my head. I couldn’t shake it like that if I tried. Then the back arched forward and the head too, and such deep aches in the neck and around the spine and back. The head moved slowly left and right, all the time bent forward. Nothing to be done, watching as best I could with a body seemingly having a life of its own.

pm 1hr

So meaningful what goes on while sitting, yet so hard to recall if I don’t write it down quite soon afterwards. I do remember that the head and back came forward in an arc, but without the pain and tensions of this morning. And moments of deep stillness of the mind. More than moments but it’s kind of timeless. If there’s such thing as kind of timeless.


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