Meditation Journal – Day 11

Vipassana Meditation Day 11

am 1 hr

Some sort of daring is needed in order to get close up. Mr Duffy lived a short distance from his body. It’s easy to think that you are in touch but that daring is needed to actually touch. The daring drops away as soon as contact is made, its job over. Daring is not forceful or pushy in any way. Exploring some lesser sensations and more of the blind areas. A small twinge to the right of the sacrum, up a bit. The kidneys area, revealing a deep ache and the large tingly canvas of the lower back. Lots of subtle tightness in the shoulders and up into the neck. And of course the right arm with intense shaking down into the wrist. The left arm had a shaky go to for the first time. I felt safe in this quiet sitting. Well, safe and not safe at the same time, like anything could happen, and yet its okay. That I have never felt is okay to feel. With a daring touch.

pm 1hr

Stages of intense energy rushes through the brain, wiping and cleansing as it goes somehow. Stages of emptiness, stillness, resting in peace. Rest in peace, while alive. Clarity of thought. Clarity of the unecessaryness of thought. In the body, deep into the eyes, shoulders, outer right upper arm, feet, lower spine to the left a bit, right wirst. Tight tension, felt and changing in the feeling. Dead left leg, numb. Beforehand didn’t want to sit down. Went for a walk. Then didn’t want to sit down, but less. Ate a little. Browsed a little. Sat down. And after about five minutes there was absolutely no where else to be, nothing else to be doing. This.


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