Meditation Journal – Day 10

Vipassana Meditation Day 10

am 1 hr

It went smoothly this morning, relatively. The mind very still in the pre dawn, for periods, barely a thought wobbling by, and all sensation, feeling contained and included in the pervasive stillness. Moving through the body was easier too, with few areas of tightness or pain, the knots near the spine seemingly gone. At least for now. Shoulders tight, right hamstring tingling, right arm shaking and trembling at times when in the area. Then relaxing in some kind of totality of body-mind, and a sense of togetherness and inclusion.

pm 58 min

Just sat there. Felt nauseous, so I guess that was the main sensation. Lots of too-ing and fro-ing with thinking about this and that. Some cursory scans down and up but a long distance from the body, not really in touch. Some insights as to what equanimity is, and if the sense that any ‘I’ being anything is pretty much just a game of equanimity. And there I was. And there was this body, still for another hour, through it all. Every time different.


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