Meditation Journal – Day 9

Vipassana Meditation Day 9

am 1hr

Again the face, this time the lips, scrunching into expressions and positions I could not make if I tried. Similar to during the course. Likewise, at the extreme of the scrunch, one thousand needles piercing from every angle, the sharpest sensation. Moving on, through the body it felt unfinished in the face and sure enough during lovingkindness the lips began again, some kind of yogic pouting. Beforehand, the understanding that any movie watched will want to be undone again, the mind replaying scenes from what I watched last night. Also clear that there’ll be resistance and division unless something is done fully, totally perhaps. If it’s not being done fully, wait a while and regroup. This is  something of fulfilment.


Yoga class instead; some breathing before bed.


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