Meditation Journal – Day 8

Vipassana Meditation Day 8

am 1 hr

Went through the wringer. As soon as attention came to the forehead I was sobbing. Then to the shoulders and my head fell forward, arching into the back of the neck into the shoulders. It wanted to stay like this some time and deep tension was touched within the back of the neck and upper back. Nothing to do but listen and be patient and listen some more and notice what’s occurring, including thoughts towards and away and seemingly at random. Little attempts to divert or to do something about the state of affairs. And there’s nothing to do. It seems the body knows what to do and is learning to use the opportunity of the one hour slots to work things out, in the arena of the mind’s awareness. The sobbing didn’t last long but the head was bowed forward most of the hour. And at this intensity the time goes by very quickly. My right arm had quite a few shakes, down into the wrist. The forehead also go wrung, and seep into the eye sockets and upper cheeks aound the bones.

pm 1hr

On the Waterloo-Petersfield train. The most relaxing train ride I’ve ever taken. A full carriage, chattering students, fading into a background ripple as awareness of breath deepened.


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