I’m feeling highly unusual. Spinning out a bit. It comes and goes. I can work, I can type, I can function, but I can’t focus too much, too long. A bit vague, some dizziness, some nausea. I don’t know what’s up. Perhaps a viral infection that comes back when I’m a bit run down. Perhaps not enough iron or protein. Perhaps none of this. I have felt like it before, even more out there, staggering through woods, unsure what’s going on, in Sweden, C guiding me home, me refusing to go any further north east, really wigging out. Just got to keep resting, watching my diet, taking it easy. I’ll talk to a friend soon who may be able to help. Slipping into meditative states very easily.

New Mac Book Pros coming for Steve Job’s birthday in two days. This will open the door for the Hackintosh community as they will be running the new Sandy Bridge Intel chips.


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