X Factory 4

There was something missing in the performance tonight
You are a star
I had a wicked time doing it
He’s gone from pub performer to world class star
Week after week she’s come out and performed in every single way possible
I’m very very proud of myself
He’s got to find something to pick at
As always, worked hard, delivered a fantastic new version of the song
The Beatles were the ultimate boy band
They’ve gelled as a group
You so made it your own
You seemed a little bit nervous
I felt like I had to do it justice because I am from Liverpool
That was up there with your best performance
It was very emotional, I believed every word
That’s the type of music I love doing
You performed it very very well
You’re likeable, you’re loveable, I want to squeeze you and hold you tight
I’m glad I proved myself this week
It was the worse version of a Beatles song I’ve ever heard in my life
Not everybody loves you but you have a big fan base out there
Only Louis likes me
Lyrically, it was absolute genius
I’m hoping that the people at home really give me a chance at this

The X Factory 3

That was such a wrong song choice.
I was happy with my performance, you know, maybe the song wasn’t so great.
I don’t think vocally it’s the best you’ve sounded.
Having said that, you have great presence.
It’s not the same as the original, it’s my version but it’s not so far away that people won’t recognise it.
Rocked it.
It was a little bit pub-singerish but because you have a heart, it worked.
I thought I put on a hell of a performance tonight.
She’s living her dream. I want to change her life.
I admire your resilience.
I hope I did enough.
You’re hanging on by a thread.
You keep getting stronger and stronger every week.
It felt like you were singing that to me and it was just spot on.
I really had fun with that.
After that you are 100% back in the game.
I’m privileged to be working alongside you.
I was on a proper downer today but now I’m like on top of the moon.
I’ve seen some strange things in my life but that tops it.
You remind me of a young Elton John.
I genuinely believe a group are going to win this competition.
It felt absolutely brilliant.
The boys are leading the pack and that makes it exciting.
That was so damn classy.
It’s a show like this that will give you the chance.
You’ve gotta stay grounded.
I love the fact that she doesn’t know how good she is.

X Factory 2

After last week, I’m a little bit disappointed
This was a little bit copycat
I got three really good comments
She knows what I said was right
Tonight, for whatever reason, you didn’t feel like you were inside the song
I thought you sang it pretty well
It just didn’t happen on-stage
She’s a real talent, a real person and there’s nothing fake about her
I vibed off of the audience and I vibed off of my emotion
I love her, you know, I think she’s fun
I think you are the perfect pop star
I’ve got party moves because I’m happy. I did well, I think
That’s absolutely made my night, you were full of bubbles
It was without question your best performance of the competition
I was so nervous before I went on
I was really good, I was so proud of him
You’ve got such an effortless vocal
It’s an absolute pleasure to be working alongside you
I can’t believe the comments, I’m like, oh my God
I’m actually concerned that I actually liked that performance
I think it proved to your critics that you actually can sing
Anything could happen, he might sing in tune
That absolutely blew me away, that was amazing
That was completely and utterly stunning
I’m crying but I’m happy; they’re good tears
You always come out and you give it 100%
What you’re missing is that passion and belief
I want to stay and I want to win this competition
It’s hard to be confident sometimes
You could be the next big band
You absolutely cheered me up and brightened up my night
It felt the best ever