The X Factory 3

That was such a wrong song choice.
I was happy with my performance, you know, maybe the song wasn’t so great.
I don’t think vocally it’s the best you’ve sounded.
Having said that, you have great presence.
It’s not the same as the original, it’s my version but it’s not so far away that people won’t recognise it.
Rocked it.
It was a little bit pub-singerish but because you have a heart, it worked.
I thought I put on a hell of a performance tonight.
She’s living her dream. I want to change her life.
I admire your resilience.
I hope I did enough.
You’re hanging on by a thread.
You keep getting stronger and stronger every week.
It felt like you were singing that to me and it was just spot on.
I really had fun with that.
After that you are 100% back in the game.
I’m privileged to be working alongside you.
I was on a proper downer today but now I’m like on top of the moon.
I’ve seen some strange things in my life but that tops it.
You remind me of a young Elton John.
I genuinely believe a group are going to win this competition.
It felt absolutely brilliant.
The boys are leading the pack and that makes it exciting.
That was so damn classy.
It’s a show like this that will give you the chance.
You’ve gotta stay grounded.
I love the fact that she doesn’t know how good she is.


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