Weekend Walk No. 58 – Morestead and Chilcombe

An almost-loop at the very western edge of the South Downs National Park. From Magdalen Hill east of Winchester, up towards Cheesefoot Head and then across the downs to Morestead. Then down into Chilcombe through the firing range and finally across the M3 into Winchester via The Soke.


30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge – Day 6

Today’s smoothie: Healthy Orange Julius. Ingredients: Orange, spinach, banana, lime, almond milk. So good! Really zingy and enlivening. I had to look up what an Orange Julius is and apparently it’s a US chain selling less healthy versions of a similar drink. Drank it in the car on the way for a winter walk on Harting Down:

During the walk I tested my new Narrative Clip (used to be called Memoto but they ran into trouble with Motorola). You wear the tiny camera and it takes a photo every 30 seconds. The above was taken this way and here’s a few more from the South Downs:

IMG_0018 IMG_0019 IMG_0020 IMG_0021 IMG_0022 IMG_0023 IMG_0024 IMG_0025 IMG_0026

Weekend Walk 47 – Bishop’s Waltham to Nr. Owslebury (Allan King’s Way)

The fourth stage of my King’s Way walk, from the palace in the south Hampshire town, north-west across the wooded lower downs, into the South Downs National Park. This walk passes Wintershill with its Roman Road, Upham, Blackdown (great views), Baybridge, finishing north-east of Owslebury. Georgeous countryside, very rural, bright spring sunshine and some very curious calves.

Weekend Walk Video 15 – Cocking to Duncton

Duncton. The best village name ever. I’m not biased.

From the village of Cocking, onto Heyshott and Graffham Downs. Mainly through woods this time. Then down the West Sussex Literary Trail past Duncton Mill to the Cricketers Pub.

The drizzle started pretty much as soon as I got on the high ground and didn’t much let up. Got steadily soaked, especially when walking through the drenched rape crop.

All new territory, deeper into West Sussex.