30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge – Day 8

Green Pear Fibre Booster. Well, I’m not sure my fibre needed boosting! It was the greenest smoothie yet, with pears, lettuce, parsley and hemp seed. Except I forgot the hemp seed. (Had some in my made-up smoothie tonight instead, same as last night’s.) The GPFB was pretty good. I ‘don’t like’ pears, one of those fruits I’ve pretty much ignored after tasting one when young. (Except in pear drops!) It’s like the parsnip to the potato, the pear to the apple, not as good so what’s the point? That’s how I used to think and there it stuck – noticed how that happens? So I plunged right in. Not bad! A bit gritty like I remember pears to be, but a full, pleasant flavour.

Green pear fibre booster smoothieNotice the straw? It’s my new stainless steel one. Not as nice on the teeth as plastic but I didn’t like throwing one away each day.

So, into the Christmas period we go! I’ll continue with the breakfast smoothies throughout. We need to get our Xmas food in and so have opted for late tomorrow evening. I’m hoping for decent stock and far less people. By all accounts it’s hell out there.