30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge – Day 9

Not much to report today but for a super yummy Blackberry Antioxidant Rescue smoothie. This beauty contained blackberries (replaced by mixed summer fruits, frozen), orange, spinach, coriander and ginger. I’ve been having my smoothies quite thick after Day 2’s too-diluted attempt but today I needed to add some water as it got too gooey in the blender and wouldn’t reach down to the blades. A few dashes of coconut water did the trick.

Antioxidant smoothie

Just look at the colour. Just look at it.

After a week and a bit, and with the Strala yoga, my skin seems to look more alive, almost as if I have a tan, and my eyes and teeth whiter. The whites of my eyes that is, white anywhere else in the eyes would just be weird.

Apparently today’s breakfast was rich in anthocyanin and rutin. Way to go!


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