30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge – Day 4

Today’s smoothie was the Mango Mint Digestion Soother: Mango, celery, mint, ginger. Rather strange combo I’d never have dreamt up. It was the most vegetably of the smoothies so far, because of the strong taste of the celery shining through the delicious mango. Could add more mint next time, and the ginger gives a nice kick.

Mango Mint Digestion Soother Smoothie

Felt very good today, detoxy feeling over, expansive rather than shrunken. I took a cold blast at the end of my shower which really helps to warm up, ironically, and wake up for work. I didn’t get the cold I thought I might, but the slight sore throat continues.

Back to normal levels of thirst today, I guess being back to full hydration. I didn’t get hungry before lunch. Again the clear headed focus all morning.

Went to see the new Hobbit film in the afternoon. It was pretty good but the hour long battle (more?) made me very tense and wasn’t satisfying – some orcs killed with a stone, some worse than end of level bosses. Kind of glad it’s all over. I felt obliged to see it rather than really really wanting to.

Tomorrow I’ll stock up for the next round of five days blending.


4 thoughts on “30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge – Day 4

  1. Really want to give this a try and there’s some good blast recipes here. Am wondering if I can leave just 1 morning coffee in my routine though. What do you think, were you a coffee person?

    • I say go for it! I think the idea is to carry on as normal, not making any big efforts to quit anything, just replacing your breakfast food with a smoothie. As for me, I haven’t taken caffeine for maybe ten years, except occasionally green tea if I need to stay up late. But I don’t like to use will to give up on things, rather to let things go by seeing how they affect me.

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