30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge – Day 2

Another Big Thirst day. I’ve had over five litres of water and it’s still only early evening.

Today’s smoothie was a Berry Blast which is blueberries, cucumber, ginger, almond milk and strawberries. I used frozen mixed berries instead of weird winter strawberries. So, I learnt not to use the NutriBullet when a bit sleepy and trying to show someone how easy it is. I didn’t quite tighten it enough and some deep wine smoothie leaked out into the top of the blender. Mop up time. Used tissues to reach under the transparent spinny thing. One of the white edge pieces inside the blender is now stained as the juice got behind it. Moving on… the smoothie was good again, perhaps not as nice as yesterday’s Green Dream, as it had a slight ‘watered down fruit’ quality to it. But it looked like something else:

Berry Blast Smoothie

Look at that colour!

Again two number twos instead of the usual one number two. And I may be coming down with a cold, C having brought one back from Sweden. I’ll see if the nutrient and vitamin-rich breakfast smoothies can help my immune system ward it off. The runny nose comes and goes. Again clear-headed and light all morning. I got a little hungry in the last hour before lunch, probably because this was only around 200 calories.


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