1 November 2014

Movember Day 1. Slight scratchy spikes. Business as usual.

Duncan Toms Movember Day 1

Woke at 0630 with the sunrise alarm clock. Lie in for half an hour while C did something feminine, and probably painful, to her legs in the bathroom. Yoga nidra 45 mins. Which is always like have a couple of hours more sleep.

Washed, breakfasted then we both drove to Old Alresford to be in for the fridge freezer delivery. Highly recommend buying electrical goods from Coop’s online electrical shop – the delivery company gave a one hour slot, so no waiting around all day. They were a bit early and after last week’s struggle up the stairs and damaging the compressor, it was a delight to leave the work to the two delivery men.
The Liebherr looks great! SmartSteel finish that doesn’t leave finger prints visible all over it, and a white LED light that doesn’t look all warm and… wrong, like in most fridges. Going to have to change my bulb now too. Big fridge, small freezer, just right.
Sorted out the walk-in cupboard, putting the second shelf in place and putting things where they now belong. Homes for things.
Tried to replace my car battery but the securing bolt was corroded and I didn’t have quite the right tool. Luckily the guys at Pheonix Auto Services were still there and immediately offered to do it for me as they were leaving. No charge. Another highly recommended company. They had to use something like a crowbar to wedge it out.
Took the old battery to the recycling centre. Car starts on the instant now. They thought the old one could be the original with the car – so 12 years old!
Coop in another form, for groceries and zero beer for upcoming movie night.
We both bought chips for lunch and ate them with fried eggs on the back stairs which go to the garden. Autumn sun.
Washed my car. Chatted with the neighbour, the niece of the landlord – who is a proper landlord, as in he lives in a stately home and C rents from him. The niece’s dog, Ouch, hasn’t got used to me yet, being a new man in the courtyard, and the jack russell having been ‘rescued’ from a grumpy uncle and so is somewhat man-weary and a bit snarly. She’d been hunting today and then readying for a party at the house. It’s another world. One I can’t help but be fascinated by.
Changed the shower hose for a longer one. Changed the fridge freezer plug for a UK one, so it can be situated much nearer the back wall. The only complaint.
Yoga in the lounge, with tratak candle meditation afterwards. Supper

A bit of Gardners World then wrote this.
Probably to bed about 20:30. Am reading Russell Brand’s Revolution. But of course, the real revolution needs to be inward.


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