31 October 2014

Woke with the dawn, around 0700.
No meditation or yoga nidra, but an hour in bed with my love.
Breakfast: sugar-free cornflakes, pink grapefruit juice, granola and grapes.
Shaved in preparation for Movember. Here’s my profile: http://uk.movember.com/mospace/2918297
To Portsmouth, Gunwharf for shopping. Looking for jeans and a winter coat but found neither I liked enough. Next year I’ll see if I can buy no clothes whatsoever. We always go our separate ways when shopping. It’s easier and more enjoyable that way. No lingering in women’s clothes shops.
Home for lunch: stew of butternut squash from the garden, green beans and onion, with lemon juice.
Online meeting (gotomeeting) about the new Krishnamurti website we’re developing across the four foundations. Only lasted an hour.

Discovered it was the warmest recorded Halloween day in the UK, at 24C

Walk around a local loop at dusk, along the lanes and down to where the farm shop used to be, then up the ‘hobbit lane’ a sunken lane, roots visible along the banks. Atmospheric in the sunset hour. Then back through the west wood after the horse paddocks.
Yoga from the Hittleman series, but not following the timing to the dot, learning that to count detracts from feeling for micro-adjustments.
Pointless on iPlayer, hanging due to sharing internet with too many others.
Supper: Baked potatoes, sugar-free baked beans, cheddar.
Last Autumnwatch of the series. Always an enjoyable watch.
Browsed Reddit, saw this Halloween dog:

Halloween Spider Dog


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