Journal 9 June 2013

A day off. A day to catch up and let sink in, undo and assimilate.

8am drive to Southampton to take the minibuses back. Driving them empty is always fun after the weight of people has gone – the responsibility and the load. I led a convoy of five plus the car that would take us home. Sunday morning; no traffic.

Then I didn’t go out. A day at home by myself. I slept until lunchtime and again after lunch. I watched Milo & Otis, as I wanted something supremely light hearted after the heavy of the days before. The beginning was delightful. As it progressed I thought: hold on, the film makers have put that cat/dog there, hold on, they’ve just chucked a cat off a cliff. Turned out that hollywood pieced it together from a controversial Japanese art movie then got Dudley to do the cuddly voice overs. Despite my objections, a dog riding a turtle is a must.

Otherwise I wrote about the incongruous find on the beach, and the activities before and after. No exercise, no yoga, but meditation on waking. This has really helped me deal with the shock of the find and the memories that pop back and my reaction to it. It’s all about reaction and that’s where change takes place, each reaction of less impact, more neutral, and without doing anything. Posted something on facebook about the discovery and it was good to get support from many friends, new and old.


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