Journal 10 June 2013

Woke with the alarm at 0700. Meditated an hour, my mind still going back to the images of the body on the beach, but the body no longer reacting with fear and no longer a shocking ‘oh no!’ internally. Then back to work, retelling the story, answering questions, listening to others’ take on it. A friend asked if I felt connected now to the girl and her family. I sort of do. Maybe I should write to them somehow and explain who I am and that I am sorry for their loss and if there’s anything they want to ask, I don’t know much but I can tell what I know. Without the gruesome bits.

Catching up on emails, editing summaries of talk for disc covers and downloads. Lunch at home, kind of avoiding the busy school with the students back from their overnight camp.

Yoga this evening, the weekly Iyengar class. So good to stretch. A little tired now so not really into writing but thoughts headed to bed and to sleep and the body will follow those thoughts and the dreams will follow.


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