Wrote to all the staff to warn about someone’s email account being used by hackers, asking for £2000 for a kidney operation for a relative. It’s obviously a scam but I’m afraid some won’t see it as one because they want to help a friend in need. Coincidentally the email came from the account of RZ, who featured in the latest Brockwood ePost, having donated photos to the archives.

Copying a 3TB drive to another 3TB drive, wondering without solution why what fits on one drive is 4GB too much for the other supposedly identical drive. At the same time, filling another drive with video data from the LTO-4 tape machine which whizzes at such a high pitch we have to close the door on it. If one wants to be warm at this time of year, just go to the back room where it’s a balmy 26 degrees. While all that copying was copying, working on edited summaries of talks.

The centre team are back from their breaks and having a staff week and clean-up ahead of the reopening in a week’s time. More facilities staff cutting the overgrown laurel and feeding it to a chipping machine. Amazingly powerful! Crunching substantial branches in seconds, spitting out the chips we’re going to use to pave the paths over to the school. Meanwhile the air conditioning company were here replacing the compressor they replaced two weeks ago, it being too powerful for our needs in the archive vault. CC said there was so much going on, people working everywhere, including up in on of the flat. I said all we need now is the washing machine to be delivered. At that exact moment, along the path that curves through the trees came the washing machine delivery!

We decided not to go surfing. Too windy and the place at Croyde with the sauna and hot tub was booked up. So it’s postponed until March. CS came round at lunchtime and we had a snooze together before I went back to work and she for a walk with a friend. It was so sweet seeing them walk off, arms around shoulders. Women are like that, men not so much, except in India.


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