Meditation Journal 28 Jan 2013

Vipassana Meditation 28 Jan 2013

am 1hr

Back to the cushion. Inner smile at doing so. Awake at 4.30, pre-dawn, quiet world. Somewhere there are others doing the same. Before sleeping on my 42nd Birthday I lay on my back for a long while. When lying, on my back is where things happen. On my side is dull, safe. Meditation is nearer when the spine is aligned. Thoughts playing catchup, undoing, getting up to date. Body playing catchup, face expressioning. Same this morning, yet somehow I’d forgotten about the arm shaking, quite what it was like for the body to be doing something without will or choice. Off it went again in grand style. The hour passed by fast. There was no obligtion to stay that long. There was no obligation to do anything, but I want to get back to the cushion. Back to bed now at nearly 6.

pm yoga class

Even though I’ve done no yoga except weekly class my back is the flattest the teacher has seen it. Way less tension throughout. Change your body by sitting still in awareness! Easy.


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