Meditation Journal – Day 15

Vipassana Meditation Day 15

am 1hr

This is some good shit, this vipassana meditation. You have to work, so much learning about the way one works is revealed. Because the moving from part to part continues, one cannot indulge in a particular favourite or least favourite spot. I was being too heavy-handed of late, trying to feel deep within, whereas the instructions are to sense sensations on the surface for now. Of course, attention naturally penetrates but the joy of it is that I don’t have to do that, as a struggle. This is not a struggle, or at least doesn’t need to be. Effortless effort. And so lightness returned and at the same time a more profound practice. The tenderness, the aches, the tingles, heat, coolness, it’s all there to feel. Around the subtle stiffness of the neck and shoulders, many small knots and tensions, my head moving this way and that, slowly moving, revealing tightnesses, and in the face. Right arm shaking. Nothing much doing in the legs anymore, the sciatic nervy pain more of a tingling light ache now. Very little thinking and the odd sudden snap of viciousness toward myself and body very apparent yet somehow hollow and powerless.


Yoga class. My gauge how my body is changing. A lot.


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