Scrap Book: Where were you on 9/11?

I was in London visiting my friends Tim & Nadya in south London. In the afternoon of 11 September 2001 I’d gone to Putney for a yoga class at the Sivananda Centre near the river. Browsing in the bookshop before the class I overheard the attendant and a customer talking about a plane having hit the World Trade Centre. I imagined they meant a light aircraft – some kind of mini-disaster of a solo pilot lost in the fog or something. It was time for class so I immersed myself in the Rishikesh Sequence for an hour an a half. On the bus back to Peckham Rye I didn’t hear anything more and had quite forgotten about the plane story. On return to my friends’ house they said have you heard? The twin towers have collapsed. What?? I looked at the TV and saw footage of a burning tower, my mind assuming it was a movie, despite what I had just been told. I was quickly updated with the whole story and we spent the rest of the afternoon and evening glued to the news channels, the pictures almost too vivid and explosive and destructive to be real life. Earlier footage of people jumping to their deaths from their burning offices was soon edited out of broadcasts, while the second explosion and the collapses were pretty much on repeat loop.

Here’s a photo from the day, with Tim in the foreground, Tygar behind the TV looking rather upset by it all, and the cat doing the admirable thing and snoozing on the warmth of the TV.


One thought on “Scrap Book: Where were you on 9/11?

  1. I was living in Plymouth, having arrived there just days before. I had planned a trip into town that day, but flicked on the TV and had a cup of tea before I went. The news was on and the first plane had hit. At that stage it was still an accident. My tea was warm. Then the second plane came into shot… The next thing I really knew was that it was evening time and I had spent the whole afternoon watching BBC news – watching the whole thing happen. I didn’t make it to town that day. I ventured out the following day and everything felt different.

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