The _______ Is Dead

The squirrel is deadThe Scooter Is DeadThe sloworm is deadThe worm is deadThe fieldmouse is deadThe Butterfly is Dead
The Crab is DeadThe Seagull is DeadThe Tree is DeadThe bunny is deadThe Footpath Sign Is DeadThe Rat Is Dead
The trailer is dead.jpgThe Deer is Dead.jpgThe Squirrel is Dead, Part 2.jpgThe sheep is deadThe Rabbit is DeadThe bunny is dead II
The bird is deadThe Blackbird is Dead (131/365)The crab (or alien hand) is deadThe fish is deadThe rabbit is deadThe moths are dead

Dead, a set on Flickr.

Perfect for a bank holiday weekend, here is an update of my ‘Dead’ set on Flickr


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