Iyengar x2

Two Iyengar yoga sessions over three days. I’m really into it, the lengthening, the opening, the relaxation on the blocks. On Saturday morning I went to a three hour workshop led by a teacher in her 80s, Julie Smith. She had so much energy and passion for someone of her age, and her level of expertise was excellent. Many hints and tips of how to open and relax that little bit more in the pose. The use of supports and belts really helps me too. On Sunday I was reluctant to do anything very much apart from rest, and by Monday morning I was energetic and relaxed and integrated again, with some tender spots, having touched deep. I was glad, then, that this evening’s class with Sandy was more restorative, with a long relaxation and pranayama at the end. If you want knowledgeable, reliable teachers, with detailed instruction on each pose, I highly recommend finding an Iyengar class. It’s very adaptable to each individual, so anyone can get a good feel for the postures.


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