110320 Drugs

Watched High on Crack Street: The Lost Lives of Lowell. This is an HBO documentary from the 90s about a few crack users in Massachusetts. One of them is Dicky Eklund, the brother from the film The Fighter. It’s such a grim, compelling tale of hell on earth as the drug eats their lives, lives which were pretty chewed up anyway.

The nineties now seems to be the dullest, uncool decade. Not just in the documentary, but generally. The 80s have become cool again, but the 90s seem crap. But at least back then drug use, as I knew it, was almost quaint: heroin, coke, dope, speed, acid, etc. (Not that I took all these things) At least these were kind of known. Now people are taking all kinds of untested nonsense: meth, bath salts, plant food, the strongest bred dope strains, mad mixes of prescription drugs. There’s no telling what the effects of this kind blend are. What a mess.

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