Meanwhile in 1997, listening to drum & bass

DJ Hype on the mix with some mental drum & bass. The candles are going crazy to the music but if I turned the music off they’d still be going crazy. Not too impressed, averagely hectic, great bass lines. I like the bass lines – lovely, jokey – although the beats are bog standard.

What the hell does it mean
Mr Bigwig
Give me two sycamore seeds
I’ll plant one by the ocean and one by the lake
Charlie and Bill
And lick their leaves I will
Salty and not salty

Bing bing bing bing
dum dum
eerrgh eergh
ooh ooh ooh
dur dur dur dur

Drum & Bass. This is mad music and probably IMPOSSIBLE to relax to. But that’s not what it’s for I don’t expect


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