110313 Sap

Tidied up the place after my week of bachelorhood, with C coming back from Damascus this afternoon. On getting up I practised from the book Moving Towards Balance, by Rodney Yee, with the intention to follow the whole eight week course and learn some of the subtleties of the major poses, for myself and the class.

This afternoon I attended a nature tour of Brockwood with Phil, a visiting biologist. I videoed some of it and will post it when edited. Perhaps it can go on the Brockwood blog. We walked around the north and south lawns, the field to the south, and the plantation, with Phil pointing out natural features I just wouldn’t have noticed. We ate hawthorn leaf buds and drank a little birch sap, both highly nutritious. (Incidentally, I’d like to have a juicer again to create some super health potions. Maybe I can put these ingredients in.)

After blogging the drum & bass entry, I read the next part of the journal from 97, writing during listening to Megatripolis. I downloaded most of it and will have a session when I go to bed. See later post.

This was the last day of my holiday. Will take some more next month as I have 4 weeks left to use before August meaning a week a month if I don’t carry any over… wow!

Steps stepped: 4567


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