110203 Total Immersion

No idea who I’m writing to, but… hello!

Another four o’clock yoga session followed by that oh so nice lie in till time to go to the office. Which is a one minute commute. Finishing off bits and pieces ahead of a week off starting now. My weekends are Fridays and Saturday anyhow. It feels like my first full week off in a very long time. At 10 I went to Southampton airport to pick up Derek who is over from Ojai.

The dialogue this afternoon about what is a religious place, a religious mind, and into ideas and hope getting in the way of what might be called religious. Not religious in any kind of traditional sense, after all that is just ideas repeating themselves through the ages, but a sacredness, a newness.

This evening I took the students swimming. Swimming and yoga go together so well. With the yoga comes more awareness of the body, and more awareness in the water means you can refine the strokes, fine tune your style. I swim in something towards the Total Immersion style, as few strokes as possible per lap and keep the body low in the water, maximising the time when the body is longest. The principle is the same as in yachting, where slim, long boats go faster than wide short ones. So to minimise the width there is a rolling in freestyle so the shoulders aren’t ploughing the water forward, instead the tilt of the body makes an easier glide. There was no sign when swimming of the sickness or weak feeling; I didn’t even think of it.

Signs of spring all around – daffodils opening, green shoots pushing up through the leaves and many young fresh nettles. Perfect for tea.

Steps stepped 8410


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