110219 Owslebury/Marwell Loop

Took a short walk after the days in bed, but not a lot of energy for it, either of us. We went to Owslebury then walked a loop around Marwell Wildlife Park For reasons I can’t explain, I really wanted to see a giraffe. We didn’t. But we did see some antelope I’d never seen before and an ostrich, through the fence at the back of the park. The footpath basically hugs the edge of the park. Later I read about the very old Marwell Hall, Henry VIII having stayed there and it’s supposed hauntedness.

Starting point, Owslebury church:

Caroline’s muddled boots. Mine looked and felt much the same as we stomped past Little Coney Park:

Peering through the fence at a quiet morning at the zoo. Choo choo:

Nice Park billboard:

Anyone know what these are?

And back to Owslebury:

So we have a large wildlife park twenty minutes from Brockwood. I knew it was there but hadn’t paid it any attention. We’ll go in sometime. They have over 200 species. Part of the walk met the Pilgrim’s Trail a long distance path from Winchester to Normandy. After I finish the South Downs Way, I’d like to walk the UK part of the trail.

Spent the rest of the day in bed. Watched Precious, harrowing and not really that uplifting even at the end.

Steps stepped: 9110. Too many for a not-well Duncan


One thought on “110219 Owslebury/Marwell Loop

  1. You mentioned a trip to Marwell and wanting to see giraffes, I posted a photo of these on Hampshire Funny Photos on Facebook today

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