I’ve been resting in bed again most of the day. Still feeling weak. I seem to get this every few months. I don’t go down as hard as I used to with dizziness and aches, but that same sick feeling I’ve felt for a few years now gets close by and I loose strength to do very much. There’s nothing for it but to rest up and sleep when I need.

I watched a move called Easy A. An above-average teen movie, interestingly for me set in Ojai, California where several of my friends live. The central character is quite bright yet falls into the trap of what people think of her, and is sucked under for a while by the rumour mill. You get to see quite a few shots of the city centre and surrounds, and of course a lot of the school. I really liked the parents; very funny yet caring.

Caroline passed her driving test. Good on her! The nerves failed her somewhat and she made some mistakes, but the examiner must have noticed her general competence and ability. That means no more driving practice sessions, which are quite hard on my own nerves. For the time being she’ll be able to borrow my car for work and after a while get her own.

This evening watched Human Planet about the grasslands of the world. Incredible footage of hunters stealing from lions, ambushing kudu, fishing for snakes, working with a bird to collect honey, fending off and then burning thousands of birds, catching and milking horses, and rounding cattle with helicopters. Men in copters was a strange site after 45 mins of traditional ways. Here’s a clip I uploaded of the kudu hunt:

Steps stepped: Not many more than 1000. Snoozes snoozed: Many.


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