110213 Eye Exercises

Roland gave an eye health workshop at the school this evening. First we learnt about the main bones that make up the eye sockets and practised some simple exercises to ease this area. Then we leant about the multiple muscles that control the eyeball and practised some exercises to touch upon where the muscles meet the eyeballs. The next exercises were those I’ve done in yoga before, and same as in the Bates eye exercises:

Without moving head or neck

Look far right
Look far left
Repeat five times each side

Relax the eyes

Look up
Look down
Repeat five times each direction

Relax the eyes

Look top right
Look bottom left
Repeat five times

Relax the eyes

Look top left
Look bottom right
Repeat five times

Relax the eyes

Rotate the eyes 12, 3, 6, 9
Repeat five times then five times counter-clockwise

Relax the eyes

Look at something near
Look at something far
Repeat five times

Relax the eyes

Rub hands together and cup palms over the eyes, feeling the heat and darkness relaxing them

Lastly, we worked in pairs and imagined energy moving between our hands as we cupped one over our partner’s right eye, the other behind the head. This was very relaxing and I felt the muscles I’d exercised previously let go. After the workshop my eyesight had improved slightly compared to the rest of the day and my head felt clear of tension.

We use our eyes all day and hardly give them a second thought. It is good to rest the eyes each hour, and to do the above exercises once a day.

Steps stepped: 4647


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