110212 Durford Walk

I really enjoyed this TED video of Benjamin Zander that my friend Seppo put me on to. Zander’s measure of success is not wealth or fame but how many shining eyes there are around him. He speaks with real passion about his notion that classical music is for everyone. I know next to nothing about classical music but his descriptions and playing makes me want to understand more. What a character!

We went for a walk this morning over to the Rother the other side of Petersfield at Durford Mill. We started at the old bridge:

The east along the old Petersfield Midhurst branch line, a large sandpit to the south on West Heath Common. Get off my land, warn the children:

Not just lava, but boiling lava.

We went south to Down Park Farm where there were many dead rusting vehicles, including a couple of Fordson Majors:

Then back west to the Rother, enjoying the sun as we trekked across open fields, glad of the non-sticky sandy soil, passing some friends:

And to Durford Abbey Farm:

With the usual happy hostages:

Another varied walk not far from home. There was a feeling of spring in the sunshine with the birdsong reflecting the change of mood.

This afternoon we got the flat together, with the desk and drawers now in the bedroom by the window and the large bookcase in the living room. I am really happy to live in such surrounds, internally and the countryside.

Steps stepped: 9477


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