110211 Tibetan Singing Bowls

Awake in the night again last night. Listened to perhaps the most profound music I have ever heard. Profound in its effect on my body. The music was by Danny Becher, using Tibetan Singing Bowls. It began at root of the spine and slowly proceeded up the body all the way to the crown. It was very definite, the effect on each part of the body, as though that part was hearing those particular tones rather than my ears. Several times, many times, my body shook and the chest lifted off the bed and then my head involuntary went forward or back, sometimes staying like that for minutes. When the tones and music went up to the neck and head, it struck my lower jaw and the tension there was incredible, like nothing I have ever felt. I tried to move it but it was locked in such tightness. Then as quickly as it came, my jaw was free and loose and not at all tense. At the end of the piece, the tones were harmonious and my whole body felt relaxed and tingly. I then slept deeply until 0930.

This morning was assembling the IKEA drawer unit for my desk, and staining the pine table I bought as a desk. My flat still isn’t up together but tomorrow I can get everything in place and finally find a home for everything. C came over after her driving lesson. It’s her birthday so we went out with CC to Portsmouth for a meal again. There was no movie we all felt we wanted to see, so did a little shopping then back to Brockwood, avoiding the Motorways.

This two home situation is going to work out so well. My nights are very different without another being lying next to me. Somehow it frees up the chance for the night t be more restful and more to happen, exploring tension and relaxation. I am aware that for a long time I have desired to be asleep. If there’s nothing going on I want to be doing something or asleep. How is it just to lie still and breathe? Or listen to some ancient bugged out healing music made with bowls:

This is some evil shit right here – people seemingly OK with Assange being murdered.

Steps stepped: 5085


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