110205 No one is ever really powerless

Painting C’s new room in Alresford this afternoon and evening. Pure Brilliant White. It’s looking good and tomorrow we can move some furniture. We got our hopes up a little when the landlady had a new carpet rolled in the spare room. We thought it might replace the green in C’s room but no, it’s for the bathroom, to replace the purple one there. So the good news is no more purple carpeted bathroom.

I’m looking for a new desk. I fancy having a desk again, for the first time since… when I was a student.

Listening to the Flaming Lips – Embryonic. It’s freaky deaky. Some of it is too much for me but I’ve kept seven tracks, including:

Food prices on the rise, big time:

More freakyness with a strange light over Jerusalem:

Bible stories they don’t preach so much:

Not sure how many steps stepped, but a lot of standing with a roller.


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