Slacker Disease

There are those who want change in the world.
They say that the businessman is evil. But do not stop buying his products.
They say pollution will fry us all. But do not stop driving their cars.
You can tell the environmental changes that are no big deal because of the ease at which they are adopted.
Recycled paper; money for the recyclers.
Recycled cans, glass; cheaper for the producers.
I think we are all lazy. I think we are getting lazier.
It’s getting so hard to be motivated by anything at all and my friends are the same.
And it goes much deeper than the cannabis they smoke.
It is in their bones like an unknown creping disease that will not let up.
It isn’t displeasurable so no one wants a cure.
The world will be run by the squares soon, those who haven’t got this bug.
Those who are still motivated by… what?
Money? Yes, but not enough money to escape this stinking system.
By what? Conditioning. Do well at school, get a good job, be happy.
By power. I guess that’s the politicians.
More diseases. Power disease, money disease.
Slacker disease seems rife. Dope. Music. Television.
Once we found energy to dance but this has now faded.
We were going places.
We have our favourite TV shows and when they are not on we can put up with the other crap quite easily.
Just don’t ask me to do anything.
We might go to work. We slop about. We discuss and procrastinate but we do not do.
That has always been the problem and why nothing has really ever changed.
The things we do are within the sameness.
Those who want change don’t do anything about it and so the same old forces get the run of things.
So you want a revolution?
Yeah man – hey, can you do it for me, I’m busy watching stuff.
Too fucked from late night drinking and smoking to cause any disruption to the order of things.
What is wrong with what we have?
Crime? Fine as long as me and my mates (and possibly my family) aren’t hurt.
Corruption? Wouldn’t you be just as corrupt if you could be?
Distribution of wealth? That’s fucked up. But would you give some money to the bloke next door who hasn’t worked in years and smells of vests and spits when you pass?
Share the wealth. Easier said than done. Give a little to charity.
They can do the work.
Yes, we are fucked. Headed for disaster.
The world will survive, it’s just us fucked humans who will not.
We think we are important. And mildly panic when we see what all this pissing around is doing to our planet.
2012 they say it will change.
If I was the world I would sneeze or something.
Shudder so that the humans fly off and burn up as they get too high.
We seek an answer through God.
We don’t believe in him we say. But when the ship is going down who then will not pray?
We meditate. This brings us in tune with the natural forces and makes us feel damn good.
But once it is over, yes we might be more relaxed and caring but we carry on the same way.
Not believing in God is pretty much the same as believing. You still have a theory.
God doesn’t exist but there is a force in everything, all around.
Do you know this? You believe it.
Any belief is the same. But some beliefs have ways of life attached to them. That’s the difference.
Procedures to follow. Guides for your life. Set in stone.
Which may or may not be appropriate.
God is now a kind of Buddhist Flow that can be tapped into.
Believe what you like. Unless you experience it and live it it means not a thing.
Don’t kill. We have been for years.
Don’t steal. We do if we can.
Morality is an invention.
We can think what we want. Thinking doesn’t change much.


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