Allan King’s Way

Allan King’s Way runs from Portchester on the south coast through central southern Hampshire to Winchester. The 45-mile route passes through Portsdown, Hambledon, Bishops Waltham, the South Downs and the Itchen Valley.


2 thoughts on “Allan King’s Way

  1. Please can you look at PLANNING APPLICATION 18/01337/FUL BISHOPS WALTHAM POWER PLANT, to see how this will affect the Alan King Way. I would like to use a video of yours of this path at Bishops Waltham to show what a beautiful and historic path this is near Locks Farm Bishops Waltham, the site of the proposal, for 10 X 6.5 white chimneys plus plumes, operating 11 hours a day every day, and releasing Co2, nitrous oxide, and other particulates into our atmosphere. It is not to supply a local need, but for a private company selling to the national grid. Amazingly the WCC landscapes officer has said in his report that it will be masked by existing hedgerows (6.5m tall?!!!) and in any case there are already 2 electricity pylons, and it will only affect users of the footpath!
    If you have any comment to help local people object to this proposal, please come back to me.

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