Meditation Journal 13 April 2014 – Thought undoes itself from within

am 50 min

Woke having been dreaming I was in conversation with Noel Gallagher for a couple of hours. I asked how he spent his time these days. Oh, googling, was his reply.

A ‘no technique’ session. Noticed how decision is limited, divisive. Thought can undo itself. If there is a bringing back to the present when noticing thinking, then judgement, choice, preference is involved, and the chain reaction continues. When thought itself undoes itself, from within itself not from without, then there is something new. The chain reaction is broken in that moment. Thinking may not be the problem we think it is. Choosing may be. Head full of a light at times, a light that had nothing to do with the lamp or with the dawn light through the window.

It’s 7:20 and the motorbikes are out, screaming along the A272.

The perfect schedule for mornings… finally!

Feeling a little sheepish, I am returning to starting work later. The shifts are about discovering an optimum way of living, the way I want to live, fitting time for all the things I love during the day. With the very early work starts, yes I got the office hours out of the way but then I was drifting through the afternoons, not inspired to do anything much. And way too much time making silly faces on So, today, still waking early – at 0600. Five-anything just seems like a step to far, at least at this time of the year. Six allows for a shower, an hour or more of stretching, time to write a little blog, then to morning meeting or work for 0800. This leaves only two hours in the office in the afternoons. Sorted. So, that’s probably enough writing about bedtimes, morning times and this kind of obsessive thing. But it’s an inquiry, an investigation into what works for me.

What do we mean by idea? Surely idea is the process of thought. Idea is a process of mentation, of thinking; and thinking is always a reaction either of the conscious or of the unconscious. Thinking is a process of verbalisation which is the result of memory; thinking is a process of time. So, when action is based on the process of thinking, such action must inevitably be conditioned, isolated. Idea must oppose idea, idea must be dominated by idea. There is a gap then between action and idea.

– Krishnamurti