Weekend Walk 17 – Amberley to Steyning (South Downs Way)

The ninth stage of my South Downs Way adventure, picking it up after a break over summer. Up to the downs from Amberley, the half way point, with amazing views to the north and south, to Chanctonbury Ring and the town of Steyning. The path really opened up during this stage as we move past Littlehampton and Worthing, towards Brighton.

Weekend Walk 16 – Duncton to Amberley (South Downs Way)

Today I went up on the South Downs again, reaching the half way point at Amberley in West Sussex. A very warm day. From Littleton Farm south of Duncton, up onto Bignor Hill and across the Arun Valley to Amberley. Found myself in the middle of a cross country run. Poor blighters, sweating up on the hills. I was also sweating up on the hills but at least I didn’t gotta run.