Daily Photos 2016-17

Last week I spontaneously decided to start another daily photo project. I’ve done a year of photos before, maybe six years ago, with one aborted attempt before that. So here we go again, with the first ten below. All taken with an iPhone 5S or Lumix TZ-40. (Photos are posted daily on my facebook page)


Train Window Brockwood's Finest Winchester Guildhall Toilets Daffodils(?) in a line 2009 VW Polo Headlight Bluebells and Mossy Tree White Cherry Blossom Gunwharf, Portsmouth Spring Garden Unknown Pretty Weeds


One thought on “Daily Photos 2016-17

  1. Hallo dear Duncan ,Thank you for uploading your photographs and so good to see that you’ve got the same bluebells and blossoms as we have here in our parkgarden north of Amsterdam . Will Nature communicate with winds and seeds which flower just in natural goodness? instead of manipulated thoughts of some hierarchy? If you whould have been reading Candide, the novelette by Voltaire,you whould have read that friendships are so important . Affectionately ,Best wishes , sincerely Lydia and Guillaum

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