Meditation Journal 17 April 2014 – Shaker-maker

A full on shaker-maker, head rapidly moving side to side when I touched upon some sensitive spot in the spine. Moving up through the back, the shoulder area tightening and tightening, all scrunched up. Keep moving up and the neck clicks into place and by the time I’m back to the top of the head I am sitting totally erect, effortlessly, the body in perfect alignment and balance, without a hint of will to do this. Earlier in the shaking and twisting, a nausea suddenly. Thoughts go to grabbing a box of tissues if needed. Body tingling all over, impossible to tell where my skin ends in space as awareness glides from part to part. A perfect tension introduced wherever I go, and release once passed. Again the strong feeling that, although terrible and agonising at times, this is good work, perhaps the only work.


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