Listen With Prejudice – #42 Guns ‘n’ Roses – Appetite For Destruction – Album Review

#42 Guns ‘n’ Roses – Appetite For Destruction

Before: Big hair, big noise, big hits

Like being forced to take too much coke and then licked and then drooled on with Coca-Cola and then having cheap bourbon poured in your ears and up your nose and being left out to dry in some west coast hell. Sung by Cartman from South Park. A few moments of relief in some of the intros before the insane zipping up and unzipping continues. I suspect the best thing is the drumming. The rest is – what? – empty energy.

After: 80s horrorshow

Counting down the Top 50 over at Best Ever Albums. They’ve taken 6,600 greatest album charts and compiled them into an overall chart.


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