Meditation Journal 23 Sep 2013

One month until another ten day retreat, which will be the second. My aim is to sit twice a day. I’ve been meditating each day for one hour in the morning, usually lying down, which is a much more casual affair than sitting.

am 1hr

Head shaking strongly, releasing the neck. Crazy expressions of the mouth and a yawn that felt like my jaw was going to snap. Body knows better than fear. Eyes scrunched up, reaching into the tight small muscles. And me diving into all of this gently, gently, whilst the most intense sensations occur. And that delicious feeling when it happens: there is no where else I could be, nothing else I could be doing. This is the most valid thing. This is now. And then when the sensations are over I’m naturally, effortlessly meeting each thought anew, each feeling met gently and kindly. My eyes are moist and there’s a subtle smile on my lips. Hey man, now you’re really living.

pm Yoga Class

Still the sitting is helping the stretching. Some tight holding releasing week by week. Yoga class is a great gauge of this.



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