Meditation Journal 6 Feb 2013

Vipassana Meditation 6 Feb

Equisite agony, pleasure riddled with pain, bursts of ecstasy, the poor body wracked with aches, the face stiff from society. Staying with the breath, staying with the breath, and in the staying, the one staying getting cleansed, observing more truly. All the while appreciating the realness of it, the simplicity of sitting still and listening, breathing, watching, feeling. I really appreciate this in a world of incessant action with such value and emphasis on doing. It’s so very overrated.

Incredibly centred and energetic throughout the day, completing work tasks with ease, mind clear. And for the first time I was looking forward to returning to the cushion this evening, to resume this ‘work’, despite the agonies of this morning. The feelings are real and I want more of this genuine experience. To come out of suffering, what more is there to do? A rather peaceful session this eveing, drowsy in the middle of it, body not moving very much. Some facial changes, into the mouth and lips where there’s often a deep soreness. Otherwise, staying close to sensation and breath, explosions in stillness.


3 thoughts on “Meditation Journal 6 Feb 2013

  1. I definitely agree–how wonderful it is to just sit with a quiet mind, taking a break from the non-stop doing of the world. P.S. love the NIN clip, I’m a huge fan! :)

  2. Wonderful and terrible, I find! But ultimately wonderful. Nine Inch Nails? I haven’t posted any, but I feel I have nine inch nails stuck into me sometimes…

  3. LOL, that’s so strange, I don’t know who posted the NIN video then, but it looked like it was part of your blog……anyhow, haha I liked your response!

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